Where are you based out of?

Kalamazoo, MI

Do you do custom work?

As of now, I don't do custom builds for the general public. This includes requests for custom colors, custom art, and any custom modifications or appointments to the standard models available for purchase.

I hope to add a "custom shop" option in the future.

Where can I hear a demo of X pedal?

There are demo videos of each standard model on both the official Sludge Factory Effects Youtube channel and the facebook page. There are also several short informal demo videos on the Instagram page. To visit these pages and view the demos, simply click on the respective link at the bottom of this page. The demo videos are also included in the product descriptions.

Do your pedals have battery operation capability?

By default, pedals do not include battery clips. However, if you would like one on your pedal, just select the "with battery clip" option at checkout for an extra $5.

Do you have any pedals in stock and ready to ship?

As a standard practice, all pedals are built to order and I don't have any overstock.

Occasionally I will have pedals on hand that are either overstock of standard models, prototypes, or oddball one-off pedals in blank enclosures that I've built out of surplus parts. When these pop up I'll make a mention of their availability on the social media pages, and create listings on the reverb.com store.

All overstock items will ship either same day or day after, depending on what time of day the order was placed.

Do you do international shipping?

Yes, I now offer international shipping at a flat rate of $25.

Hey man, where's my tracking number?!

Tracking numbers are sent with every order to the email noted on the invoice. If for any reason you have not received your tracking information, just shoot me an email via the "contact" button and I will send it to you. You can also send an email to info@sludgefactoryeffects.com.

Can I get a refund?

I'm afraid not, all sales are final. This is a small business and I simply cannot afford to issue refunds if you are not happy with the sound of the pedal or it didn't sound the way you expected.

You can however buy with confidence as I offer a lifetime warranty for the original owner, and also offer repair/service for a $25 bench fee + cost of replacement parts for secondhand owners.

Note: the demo videos have high-quality audio and are an accurate representation of how each pedal sounds - please watch/listen to these!

What are the terms and conditions of the warranty?

I offer a lifetime warranty for the original owner. If anything should malfunction, mail it to me and I'll repair it for free + cover the return shipping. If you ever need the pedal serviced (scratchy pots cleaned/routine maintenance/etc.), mail it to me and I'll give it a free tune-up + cover return shipping (again, for the original owner). The following stipulations apply to this warranty:

1. Tampering with the innards and/or modifications of *any* kind will immediately void the warranty.

2. Improper use and/or excessive abuse, at my discretion, will void the warranty. This will apply in only the most extreme cases.

3. Attempted self-repair and/or repairs done by third parties will void the warranty.

If you have purchased a Sludge Factory Effects pedal secondhand and need to send it in for service and/or repair, the $25 bench fee applies in addition to the cost of replacement parts and return shipping.

Do you do general repairs and/or modifications to non-Sludge Factory Effects pedals?

No, I don't offer any kind of repair or modification service on non-Sludge Factory products including but not limited to pedals, amps, and any other miscellaneous electronic audio equipment.

Will X pedal work well with bass guitar?

Yes, I design all of my pedals to perform equally well on bass guitar.

How can I contact you?

Please send all inquiries to info@sludgefactoryeffects.com or use the contact button on this page. Also feel free to message me on instagram or facebook. I'll do my best to answer all emails and messages in a concise and timely fashion.