MARCH 1, 2018

The Kalamazoo fretboard fest is just around the corner on Saturday March 3rd! This will go from 10am-6pm at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum downtown. I'll be at booth #13 on the second floor. There will be a full demo board and a couple of prototypes for sale, so be sure to drop by! I'll be accepting cash and card via square.

Demo videos for the Interloper and Acolyte will be done at some point this month. The Interloper has gone live for sale on the web store. With the Acolyte, the "Boost" knob will go away on the production model and be hardwired to full (this was an idea during the design process that didn't pan out as expected).

The Corsair and Athame are still in development at this time, keep an eye out for a spring 2018 release on both! The Corsair will no longer be an LM308/rat style design, I'm gutting it and moving to a different op-amp based distortion design.

That's about all I have to report for now, thanks for reading!

- Matt

FEBRUARY 1, 2018

Vulcan salute!

I've got a veritable litany of updates and announcements this month, so top off your coffee and strap in for a long post. Here we go:

First off, the webstore is now permanently open. The Heathen fuzz, Revenant high-gain distortion, and Cannabinoid fuzz all go up for sale permanently as built-to-order standardized models. I'll be running a Groundhog Day sale tomorrow (2/2) from 12am-12am EST - enter code "BILLMURRAYISMYHERO" @ checkout for a 10% discount on all orders.

I'm happy to announce that Sludge Factory Effects will be at the Kalamazoo Fretboard Festival on March 3, 2018! Stop by the demo booth and hang out if you're in the area, I'll have a full demo board, headphone amp, and a few guitars for everyone to check out the product line. I'll have the demo models and/or prototypes of every pedal listed here plus a few more in development.

I'll be releasing a new no-knob boost pedal called the "Athame" in late winter/early spring of this year. Rather than merely affecting gain/headroom/etc. (yawn), it utilizes an op-amp and mini-transformer to create a gargantuan, amp-smashing 30v pk/pk boost! It will also have a footswitchable octave effect. The artwork will be done by my colleague and fellow Plainwell High School Alumni Anthony Snyder, check out his portfolio at this link:

Anthony Snyder's Art

The Interloper delay is nearing completion and will be up for sale by the March 3rd Fretboard Festival appearance. The Acolyte and Corsair are also nearly finished. Acolyte will likely be completed by Fretboard Fest, and I'll be posting some informal videos of the Corsair prototype very soon as well.

Beginning today I'm running an ad on the CLVT Nation webpage! Check it out here:

CVLT Nation

That's all to report for now, stay tuned to the social media pages for updates in the meantime. See you in March!

- Matt


Welcome to the first official Newsletter!

I'll be doing one of these on the first of every month from here on out.

After a rather lackluster launch back in October of last year, I've gutted everything and made some major advancements moving forward. 2018 is going to be a huge year, and I've got lots of cool stuff coming down the pipeline.

The Cannabinoid fuzz, Heathen fuzz, and Revenant high-gain distortion go on sale Feburary 1st! These will all be $165 + shipping, and feature art from Karl Dahmer, check out his website and peruse his many wares at this link:

Dahmer Art

I have three new models coming out: the Interloper delay, the Corsair LM308-type distortion, and the Acolyte JFET distorion/overdrive (also all $165 + shipping). Read all about them in the product section of this web page. They'll be released as I get the artwork in, beginning with the Interloper. I expect to have them all out by St. Patrick's day. All three will feature art by Matt Maldonado (who also designed the Sludge Factory logo and the trademark "Sludge Face" character). Check out his portfolio at this link:

The Art of Matt Maldonado

I am currently in the process of shooting pro-quality demo videos for all of the pedals, and I expect to have three videos posted on all of the websites for the Cannabinoid, Heathen, and Revenant by February 1st or shortly thereafter. You can expect a pro-shot demo video to go up either upon release or soon after with all of the other standardized models from this point onward. As always, short one-minute demo videos will pop up on the instagram and facbook pages from time to time. Stay tuned to the social media pages for updates!

I'd also like to remind everyone to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page, which is a direct way to stay updated.

$165 will be the standard price across the board for all of my 125B-sized pedals (which, at this point, is all of them).

Lastly, huge thanks to local MI metal dealers Palace of the Haunted for doing a nice demo/review video of the Cannabinoid. This was one of the first-generation "green" models (all pedals are now powder coated clear over the metal finish as a standard practice), and they include a few subtle settings that I hadn't even thought of during the development process. Check out the video here:

Palace of the Haunted Cannabinoid demo/review

That's about it for now. There will be a BUNCH of other announcements next month as I kick things into high gear - an ad campaign I'm running with a major publication in the heavy music scene, and at least two more new standard model releases.


- Matt