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  • Image of Cannabinoid
  • Image of Cannabinoid
  • Image of Cannabinoid

The Cannabinoid is my take on the classic BMP. I’ve mixed a cocktail of attributes from several famous versions of the circuit to create one of the heaviest fuzz-sustainers ever, with modern appointments.

Controls include a 3-way toggle switch, standard volume and fuzz knobs, a general tone knob, and a midrange frequency knob. The tone and midrange controls provide a WIDE range of sweep and are highly interactive. Experimentation is encouraged in order to find your favorite setting.

The 3-way toggle switch alters the diode pair in the second clipping stage. The right position selects LED clipping for a more brash and aggressive character. The center position cuts out the diodes entirely for a flatter midrange curve with less compression. The left position selects silicon diode clipping for a scooped-out wad of hairy fuzz.

The Cannabinoid has been designed to perform equally well on guitar and bass, with the center/no diode clipping mode being especially effective for bass guitar.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 9V only. Standard 2.1mm 9V DC power jack with center negative pin or 9V battery.

Other features include:

* Superior build quality
* Aluminum 125B size enclosure
* NOS Russian silicon diodes
* Top mounted jacks
* Battery operation capability
* True bypass switching
* Bright green indicator LED
* Clear powder coat finish
* UV printed

Artwork by Dahmer Art and logo design by Matt Maldonado.

Pedals are hand built to order - please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery within the US and 4-8 weeks for international delivery.

Orders will ship via USPS - standard shipping rates apply.

Lifetime warranty for original owner (see FAQ for details).

No refunds.

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