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**Demo video coming soon!**

The Interloper is a digital delay with an analog signal path, designed to replicate the warm timbre of classic tape-based echo units. It's more than just a garden variety analog delay however. A myriad of harmonic and modulation-like textures can be coaxed out of the pedal via the warp knob from a subtle peppering of sonic enhancement, to a perpetual hurricane of distorted oscillation! Sound cool? Read on.

Controls include blend, delay, feedback, and warp knobs. Delay adjusts the space between repeats, and the blend knob regulates the ratio of clean guitar signal to the amount of delay effect. Feedback runs from a single regeneration to infinite (first repeat is clean, subsequent repeats start to darken and degrade... a lot).

The warp knob is where things get weird. With the knob all the way down, the circuit functions as a normal delay would. As the knob is turned up, an oscillating feedback loop is introduced into the delay chip - the higher you go, the crazier it gets. A distortion-like effect can be had with the knob maxed out. More subtle and complimentary effects may also be achieved by tuning the feedback knob with the warp knob at lower settings. The warp, feedback, and delay knobs are highly interactive and experimentation is encouraged.

The Interloper is true-bypass, and repeats will cut off abruptly when pedal is disengaged. Its been designed to work equally well on guitar and bass, and works better than many other analog delays when paired with distortion.

Internal trimmer for output level - set this for unity volume between effect and bypass (pedal ships with this already dialed in at unity with our shop test rig, you may or may not need to adjust it depending on your amp/pickups/etc.)

Delay time: 25ms-560ms

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 9-15V only. Standard 2.1mm 9-15V DC power jack with center negative pin or 9V battery. Power consumption is 32 mA.

Other features include:

* Superior build quality
* True-bypass operation
* Aluminum 125B size enclosure
* Top mounted jacks
* Battery operation capability
* Bright violet indicator LED
* Clear powder coat finish
* UV printed

Artwork and logo design by Matt Maldonado.

Pedals are hand built to order - please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery within the US and 4-8 weeks for international delivery.

Orders will ship via USPS - standard shipping rates apply.

Lifetime warranty for original owner (see FAQ for details).

No refunds.

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