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The Revenant is a high gain distortion built to match the aggressiveness and response of a modern metal amplifier. It has a spongy feel and retains huge bottom end, lending itself effortlessly to any genre or subgenre of metal.

Controls include standard volume and gain knobs, with a 3-band EQ consisting of low, mid, and high. A wide range of tones are possible from scooped thrash to pushed-mids death, with an inordinate amount of gain on tap.

Inside of the pedal there is a dip switch to toggle between "lead" and "rhythm" modes. Select lead mode for modern-sounding high gain with more volume and treble. Rhythm mode gives a more subdued gain/crunch sound. Pedals are set to lead mode by default when shipped out.

I recommend using this pedal as a standalone lead/distortion channel into a clean amplifier. It may also be used to push a crunch amp into full-metal gain, and rhythm mode sounds great as a medium-gain sound through a clean amp as well.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 9-18V. Standard 2.1mm 9-18V DC power jack with center negative pin or 9V battery. Users are encouraged to experiment with 18V power supplies for added headroom.

The Revenant has been designed to perform equally well on both guitar and bass.

Other features include:

* Superior build quality
* Aluminum 125B size enclosure
* Battery operation capability
* Top mounted jacks
* True bypass switching
* Bright white indicator LED
* Clear powder coat finish
* UV printed

Artwork by Dahmer Art and logo design by Matt Maldonado.

Pedals are hand built to order - please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery within the US and 4-8 weeks for international delivery.

Orders will ship via USPS - standard shipping rates apply.

Lifetime warranty for original owner (see FAQ for details).

No refunds.

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